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If you want to reproduce our results, you’ll need to use roughly the same versions of every language toolchain that we use.

The code repository has an exported Conda environment that will setup most languages. Even if you don’t want to use Conda, reading the file should make it clear what versions we employed. Some of our languages are not available on Conda or require some extra configuration. The table below will help you set them up:

Language Extension Requirements
Python py Conda
JavaScript js Conda
TypeScript ts Conda
Java java Conda
D d Manual install (we have dmd)
C++ cpp System (we have g++ 9.2.0)
R r Manually install (we use R 4.2)
Julia jl Conda
Bash sh System (we have bash 4.2)
C# cs Conda
Go go Conda
Lua lua Conda
Perl pl Conda and cpan install Test::Deep
php php Conda
Ruby rb Conda and gem install test-unit
Scala scala Manual install
Swift swift Manual install (We use Swift 5.8)
Racket rkt Manual install (We use Racket 8.2)

Some notes:

  • Manually install Scala in the Conda environment, which includes its own JDK.
  • R is almost certainly available on Conda as well. But, we happened to have it installed.
  • The D toolchain on conda-forge is presently broken. Spack works (spack install dmd).